Over the last few months, I have been playing around with moving my website from Wordpress where it has lived in one form or another since around 2004. When I first installed it, I believe I was really just looking for some software to run on my newly hacked together LAMP server; I never imagined I would use it for so long.

Having used Wordpress for so long, I have gotten extremely familiar with what I liked, but also what I disliked. To summarize,

My reasons for changing are myriad, but a few of the main draws include:

  • A static site is much easier to work with, and less to worry about

  • When I would write something in Wordpress, I would spend more time tweaking the rest of the site to comply.

  • I want a longer-term project to spend my time on, and re-designing my web prescence seemed like a good start.

  • I was bored, and wanted to try something new.

With all that in mind, the start of the New Year seemed as good a time as any to launch it, and here we are.

Even with those grandest of intentions, it was not without some growing pains. Moving from a dynamic CMS to a static site generator like Hugo is a pretty large undertaking, and even though I feel like I have a fairly good start, there’s a lot of work remaining.

That said, I’m working on bringing some of the my favorite posts from my old iterations of this site over, and will hopefully get a good method down.

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